How much do you use your sewing machine? Sewing machines need to be serviced every once in a while just like anything else. Depending on how often it is used, we suggest a sewing machine should be serviced every 1 – 3 years. Some machines even seize if they are sitting for a long time as their lubricants and oils dry up. Our general services include adjusting the timing, tension, and stitch balance if applicable, cleaning the lint and sticky residue, and oiling the required parts. We give a year warranty on all of the services we do.


Nothing sews like a Bernina. We and quilters everywhere, love sewing on Bernina sewing machines. Swiss quality and precise stitching equal a stress free sewing environment. Bernina is known for their strong motors and innovative technology including the Bernina Stitch Regulator included in some of their quilting models. Bernina has so many different options available to really match the designer in you. Are you a quilter? Maybe you design all of your own outfits? Or do you need the basic mender with a strong motor for stitching through multiple thick layers? You could be a grand designer wanting it all including machine embroidery! Bernina has the machine you want.


We love Brother. Brother sewing machines are unbelievably easy to use with a variety of different functions on each machine that help me create with ease. Easy threading, quality stitch, and a great price point are what make these machines a popular seller. There are a large variety of models with new features for each one. Quilting, sewing, and embroidery including Disney designs are all available when you choose Brother.