We strongly believe in selling a quality product. There are a variety of different vacuums all designed for different needs and flooring types. HEPA vacuums, bagged, bag less, Central verses canister verses upright. We even have a couple of backpack models. We ask the questions that need to be asked to make sure you get what you need for your family and your home.


Why throw it out? The main reason we are so picky about what models we carry in our store is mainly to keep vacuums out of the landfill. Our first line of defense is to a sell a quality product that is not designed to be thrown away at the first sign of trouble. However, we also believe in repairing rather than tossing if possible. Our technicians provide a quality service with different options available from estimates, basic repairs, and full services on almost every make and model.


Miele is a quality German made vacuum. We sell this brand to a lot of customers who have allergies and dust build up. Each Miele vacuum has a disposable cloth bag system to help keep all of the dust sealed and not blown back into the air. You can customize what kind of filtration you want; HEPA filters for allergies, Charcoal filters for pet smells, or just the standard clean air filters that come with every package of bags. Our favor ite quality about this company is they stand by their product, and prove it with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour, 7 year warranty on the Motor.


Electrolux vacuums have always been loved. The Electrolux Home Care Products Company strives to create a vacuum for everyone. Models designed for wood floors all the way to models designed for a house with all carpet with different thicknesses. Most of their models come with a HEPA filter already in to help with air quality for those with allergies and dust build up. We carry a variety of their products with many different features to help clean every nook and cranny in your home including hand vacs, stick vacs, canisters , and uprights. What really has impressed my with this company is their go green washable HEPA filters, some of their vacuum models are even partly made from recycled plastics.


Beam Central vacuums are made by the Electrolux Home Care Products Company. A central vacuum is a great accessory to any house hold. Central vacuums are recommended for those with allergies due to the fact that 100% of all the dust, dirt, and pet hair are pulled through the piping in the walls to the canister usually located in a basement or garage, as some other portable models may blow dust back into the air of the room you are vacuuming. Rather than pulling around a canister glide with a long flexible hose. There are different options to clean different types of floors, from mostly hard floors all the way to carpeted households with different carpet thicknesses. The goal is to have a vacuum that fits your needs. Built-in units are not one size fits all. We are here to help you find the correct model with the proper motor size for your home.


Sanitaire is the commercial line of Electrolux. Most of the Sanitaire models are uprights for easy ‘grab and go’ convenience. With a variety of different models for different cleaning needs, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


We love the smiling faces on our Numatic vacuum line. You can come in and meet the family; Charles, James, Henry, Hetty, Harry, and George. Made in Britain , this line of vacuums is great for homes and professional use. We sell them mainly to hotels, restaurants and businesses. Each model has a different feature designed for different types of floors and different cleaning needs.